4 Must-Have Luxury Van Rental Features

Renting a van is convenient for group trips, but comfortable travel is more about the added space. When you need to entertain a group for a road trip, why rent an ordinary van? Get a luxury van rental that offers some of the most premium technological features on the market. At Suburban Car Rental, LLC, we share our must-have luxury features that’ll keep your crew smiling on the road for hours on end.

Features of Luxury Van Rentals in Kansas City

1) Bluetooth

Thanks to Bluetooth technology, we no longer have to worry about fumbling with cords. Hook up your phone wirelessly with Bluetooth, and you can stream your road trip playlist right from your mobile device. If you also need to check on things at home, you can make hands-free phone calls with the Bluetooth call functionality in your van rental.

2) XM Radio

In addition to Bluetooth, you can also have more music options through the XM Radio provided in most of our van models, such as passenger van rentals. When you’re traveling from state to state, the last thing you need to worry about is having to tune in to various local radio stations that sound fuzzy. XM Radio has over 140 commercial-free channels, including artist-dedicated music channels, sports coverage, and stand-up comedy acts.

3) TV Monitor

Watching the scenery unfold from the window is exciting at first, but the anticipation can slowly dwindle after the first hour of your road trip. Keep your backseat passengers entertained with a TV monitor where they can watch all their favorite movies or TV shows, thanks to our convenient DVD player setup.


Some of our conversion van rentals have the nice perk of DIRECTV-Satellite. In your van rental, you can get your favorite TV shows wherever you go. With access to over 185 channels, your group can find its favorite program to watch while traveling to your destination.

Talk about luxury at its finest. Get the ultimate van rental experience from Suburban. Call our Kansas City office at (913) 549-4150, or reserve online now.

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