4 Stunning Interior Features of Our Luxury Conversion Van Rentals

If you have a long road trip planned, don’t settle for a drive in a completely packed car. Consider renting one of the luxury conversion van rentals from Suburban Car Rental, LLC. Both our 12- and 15-passenger luxury vans are packed with interior features that aim to provide you with the most relaxing and comfortable road trip in the Lawrence, KS, area. Take advantage of all we have to offer with these four stunning interior features.

4 Stunning Interior Features of Our Luxury Conversion Van Rentals

1. Flat Screen TVs

Whether you’re traveling with your co-workers or with your family, everyone in our luxury conversion vans will appreciate the large, flat-screen TVs. With the included WI-Fi capabilities and ROKU feature, you can watch whatever you’d like. News, sports, or dramas for the adults, and comedies or cartoons for the kids. There’s also a DVD player in each of our vans, so you can bring along your own entertainment too.

2. Leather Seats

When renting one of our 12- or 15-passenger luxury vans, you are sure to be as comfortable as can be. Each of our vans includes leather interior seats that also have both headrests and armrests. With the plush and smooth material, you’ll have no problem relaxing or even taking a nap during the drive.

3. Movable Tabletops

Our Mercedes Airstream Autobahn and Mercedes Midwest Conversion Van both include movable tabletops. If you need to pull out your laptop and work, would like to eat your lunch on a tabletop rather than your lap, or play a game or two with your neighbor, these table tops provide another interior feature that most other vans do not have.

4. Ample Storage

In our conversion vans, there is ample storage for whatever you need to bring with you. For families, each seat has plenty of space around it to bring along a backpack or bag full of activities to keep the kids busy. For business personnel, there’s enough storage at your feet or in the above compartments to store laptop bags, personal items, and more.

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At Suburban Car Rental, we provide affordable luxury conversion vans for families, business travelers, and more. Call us today at (913) 549-4150 to make your reservation. We also have a rental lot stocked with luxury SUVs, wheelchair vans, and corvettes, and provide airport and private car service as well.

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