4 Tips for Planning Your Spring Break

Spring Break TipsThat time between the holidays and your spring vacation can be brutal. The weather is cold. The days are often busy. Even the weekends are scheduled and seem to go by too quickly. You’re in need of a little getaway—some peace and respite. Whether your spring break is dictated by your kids’ school schedule or your personal calendar, here are a few planning tips from our crew at Suburban Car Rental, LLC.

1. Set a budget.

Before you go booking that exotic car rental and the five-star hotel, make sure you know what kind of vacation you can afford. Set a budget, and then stick to it.

2. Make reservations early.

Don’t wait until the last minute to book your accommodations or your rental car. Doing so could mean that you’ll end up paying more due to supply and demand or that you’ll not get the condo or that SUV you really wanted. Other vacation details can wait until you get closer, but you want to make sure you secure those big decisions as soon as possible.

3. Look for the deal.

Make your vacation budget go farther by taking advantage of special offers or coupons. From restaurants to luxury van rentals, you can often find special offers just by spending a few minutes online or by calling ahead and asking the staff.

4. Consider ways to splurge.

You want to be mindful of your budget so you don’t overspend. However, find one or two ways that you can splurge while on vacation so that it really feels like a break from the norm. You may opt for a day at the spa, a fancy dinner out, a sports car rental, or a thousand different options to make you feel a little more luxurious.

If you’re traveling in or out of the Kansas City area, be sure to keep Suburban Car Rental in mind for all your travel needs. We carry only the highest quality cars, SUVs, Jeeps, vans, and more. Luxury is the name of the game at Suburban, and we have customer service to match our beautiful rental fleet. To find out more or to make a reservation, contact us today at (913) 549-4150, or book online anytime.

photo credit: Mjuzikxhankej (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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