5 Types of Conversion Vans

Conversion vans are full-sized vans that have been completely gutted from the inside out. They are sent to a third-party company that specializes in equipping these vans with special features and amenities. Conversion vans can also be outfitted with mobility aids, entertainment features, camping equipment, and much more. Suburban Car Rental, LLC, rents quality and clean luxury conversion vans to locals and visitors to the Olathe area. Learn more about the different types of conversion vans and how they can be of benefit to you, your family, or your business.

5 Types of Conversion Vans

1. Mobility Vans

Mobility vans are conversion vans that have been modified so passengers who are in wheelchairs or use other mobility aids can exit and enter the vehicle safely. They typically have raised roofs or lowered floors to accommodate wheelchairs, and have either rear-entry lifts or side entry ramps. 

2. Family Vans

If you’re looking for a practical and spacious family vehicle, family conversion vans are a great option. They can be configured to seat seven to nine passengers and can be outfitted with a lot of extra storage, too. For families who travel quite a bit, many of them come with entertainment systems to keep the kids busy while on the road.

3. Class B Motorhomes

For camping enthusiasts, conversion vans can be renovated into motorhomes that include all the amenities a camper could want. They can be overhauled to fit beds, kitchen appliances, living areas, and even bathrooms with toilets and showers. 

4. Commercial Vans

Commercial vans are cargo vans that have been refitted to serve a variety of purposes for commercial companies. Whether you have a flower delivery business, own a catering company, or you’re a plumbing contractor, a commercial conversion van can be converted into nearly anything. 

5. Shuttle Vans

A conversion van that has been rebuilt into a shuttle van is perfect for transporting passengers to and from different locations. Airports, non-profit organizations, luxury transportation companies, and more all use shuttle vans to run their business or agency.

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When you need a conversion van for your next family road trip or out-of-state work conference, reserve one online or call us at (913) 549-4150. Suburban also rents minivans, passenger vans, premium SUVs, luxury SUVs, and more throughout Olathe, KS, and all nearby communities. 

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