How to Prevent Common Messes in Your Luxury Van Rental

Family vacations are about enjoying one another’s company and creating fond memories, and everyone should be included- even the family clutz. When traveling with a big family, you may have your reservations about enjoying a conversion van rental, but you and your family have nice things, and it’s all about prevention. Suburban Car Rental, LLC wants you to know how you can keep your luxury van rental looking new and avoid costly damages and fees. For more information about pristine, luxury van rentals in Kansas City, call (913) 549-4150, or reserve a rental online.

Clean Van Rental

When you are traveling long distances with a large family, you have to understand that mistakes might happen. Though our rental rules and policies address any damages that may occur, it is better not to worry about them at all. Listed below are some tips on keeping your vehicle safe from common accidents and concerns.


Smaller children tend to make more messes, whether it’s mushed up Cheerios, apple juice, or chewing gum. Always be ready for tiny spills with paper towels and dry washcloths. It is also important to carry a bottle of upholstery cleaner just in case because set-in-stains are much harder to remove.


For many of us, our pets are part of the family. Not only do we feel guilty leaving them behind on family vacations, but arranging for their boarding can be inconvenient and expensive. No matter how you cut it, if you do not cover your seats, animal hair will get into the cushions. Due to the fact that exposure to dog urine can make you sick, plastic covers are suggested, and they also offer protection against any mishaps in the car.

Enjoy your luxury van rental without the worry of it getting damaged. We at Suburban Car Rental, LLC, take pride in our immaculate vehicles. Contact us today, or give us a call at (913) 549-4150!

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