Top 3 Perks of a Luxury Van Rental

Luxury Conversion VanYou’ve been considering a van rental from Suburban Car Rental, LLC, but you’re wondering, “Is paying for luxury really worth it?” Of course, our answer at Suburban Car Rental is always, “Yes!” But here are the three reasons why.

1. Take advantage of the comforts and amenities.

You’ve heard the saying “You get what you pay for”—and when it comes to car rentals, it’s pretty true. When you choose a luxury van rental, you know you’ll get a quality, up-to-date vehicle with comfortable seating. Plus, our vans come equipped with all kinds of extras. From Bluetooth and DVD player to DIRECT satellite TV, you will never enjoy the journey quite as much as you will in one of our luxury vans.

2. Look great…even in a van.

All you naysayers about driving a van: Come to Suburban Car Rental. See for yourself what a luxury van looks like in comparison to that family van you may be avoiding at all costs. Each of our van rentals (even the minivan) look sleek and come fully loaded. So whether you need a van for vacation or to impress out-of-town clients, you can rely on our luxury.

3. Enjoy the journey.

If you’re traveling outside Kansas City, you want a vehicle that allows you to do more than just survive the trip. In one of our luxury vans, you can actually enjoy the ride. Sit back, relax, and watch your favorite movie. Listen to satellite radio. Take a nap in our comfortable seats. Before you know it, you will arrive no worse for the wear.

To find out more about our luxury vans, contact Suburban Car Rental of Kansas City, MO, today at (913) 549-4150. You can also make a reservation on the phone during our regular business hours or book online anytime. If you’re traveling for business, be sure also to check out our corporate rental perks.

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